Seeking Community-Enabled Innovation

Welcome to our story… 

Fusion Unlimited Networks Research, Inc. is a call to action from professional researchers who seek to practice evidence-based scientific collaboration in 3D worlds on a schedule consistent with Internet innovation. Radical collaboration across time, distance, disciplines, and domains yield transfer of team learning creating performance readiness and resilience.

Why a nonprofit? Our quest requires minimal bias to support immersive environments and experiences that turn potential into transformation among learners, teams, organizations, industries, and countries. Collaboration is not easy. It takes time, investment, and must be facilitated. We study what makes collaboration and communities effective and we are determined to share our findings.

If you want to change the world, model it and start with your self.

AU Metaverse Character Strengths Game

Figure 1: The Air University’s Character Strength Game available on the hypergrid-enabled AU Metaverse grid.

As of August 2016, FUNr is not providing fee for service activities for constructing collaborative virtual environments. Partners perform such services. FUNr is seeking start up grant funding to perform research in modeling ubiquitous learning environments as part of networked smart communities.

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